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Parliamentary Guidelines
Twenty Tips for a Successful Meeting as provided in the condominium bluebook:
  1. Respect Tradition – Follow established parliamentary procedure
  2. Have a Written Agenda and stick to it.
  3. Allot a Designated Amount of Time for each controversial matter and schedule after routine business.
  4. Restate each motion so that it may be recorded accurately and understood fully. Repeat again if necessary.
  5. Control Discussion and debate through that chair. Require recognition before allowing a member to speak.
  6. Limit discussion to matters pertinent to the pending motion.
  7. Permit full debate even if it requires delaying a vote until the next meeting.
  8. Allow all sides to submit privileged, subsidiary, and incidental motions.
  9. Raise a point of order whenever there is an error, mistake, omission, or misunderstanding.
  10. Do not use parliamentary technicalities for tactical advantage alone.
  11. Call for a final vote on all motions and in the proper order of their respective precedence.
  12. Disposal of all non-controversial matters by a general consensus vote.
  13. Require a vote by ballot on all important contested matters.
  14. Allow the chair to resolve procedural questions unless an appeal is taken to the assembly questioning the chair's action.
  15. Record all motions whether they are defeated or succeed. Record non-controversial motions adopted by general consensus.
  16. Do not record individual opinion, personal criticism, comments made in debate, motives behind motions or motions that have been withdrawn.
  17. Permit the entire assembly to decide when debate should end.
  18. Do not spend valuable meeting time worrying about who is right or wrong. Nothing is as important as it seems at first.
  19. Be willing to lose a battle or two in order to win the war.
  20. Get acquainted with a good lawyer, CPA, and parliamentarian.
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